Unit Members & Duty Roster

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The Matron - Nursing Sister Spencer.  Officer Commanding the Canadian Nursing Sisters of Casualty Clearing Station No. 3.


Nursing Sister Turrall.


Nursing Sister Monk.

Nursing Sister Pouget.


Nursing Sister Vuk.

Nursing Sister Walker.

Nursing Sister Whelan.

Nursing Sister Monahan.


Nursing Sister Caldwell.

Nursing Sister Miller Koch.

Military Chaplain.  Canon Major Wells.  

Medical Officer.  Captain Chiasson.

CAMC Stretcher Bearer / Medical Orderly                                     - Sergeant Brown.

CAMC Stretcher Bearer / Medical Orderly                                     - Private Monahan.


Unit Mascot - Private Julius.

When leaving the Casualty Clearing Station area helmets are to be worn and Small Box Respirators (gas masks) are to be carried at all times.

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